Temperatures are rising, and many of us are reaching for the thermostats to stay cool. But there are also energy-efficient ways that will help you stay comfortable while controlling your costs.

Check out these tips from Hydro One:

1. Open the windows on breezy days

Ventilation is the least costly and most energy-efficient way to cool your home. Open a few windows to create cross ventilation and let a refreshing breeze come through.

2. Put food on the grill

Using large appliances like your oven when cooking can add a lot of indoor heat. Cook outdoors on the barbecue instead.

3. Draw your curtains

Keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day blocks out sunlight and will help keep the cool air inside.

4. Take care of your thermostat

Keep your thermostat out of direct sunlight. Set it to 25°C when you are at home and raise it to 28°C when you leave the house for optimal energy efficiency.

5. Invest in a ceiling fan

Having a ceiling fan will allow you to raise your thermostat settings and save energy without affecting your comfort. Set the fan to spin counter-clockwise to create a downward cooling breeze instead of running the air conditioning.

Source: www.newscanada.com

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