Spring is the season to renovate.  Here are a few ideas to add to the appeal of your property and make your time at home more enjoyable:

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel  A re-paint of the cabinets and fresh coat of paint on the walls will get you the best bang for your buck, but you make want to take it one step further by replacing your cabinets and countertop or you may want to do a complete overhaul. 

Flooring  Replace that worn carpet that has aggravated your allergies for years and emits an odor even when ‘clean’ with new flooring.  Depending on which you choose, wood floors can look sleek or rustic and are easy to clean and better for your health. 

Increase the Square Footage  Increasing the size of your kitchen or bedroom, or adding a gym, home office or entertainment area will add value to your home and make you want to spend more time at home.

Windows, Doors and Window Treatments  Replace old windows and doors to increase the curb appeal as well as the efficiency of your home, or go the easy route by purchasing new window treatments that take your home décor from drab to cozy. 

Driveway or Patio  A simple resurface of your driveway will add to the exterior look of your home or you can up your game by investing in a new driveway, stone pathways and/or patio. 

These are just a few suggestions to consider.  Once you determine which works for you, call me to discuss the most cost-effective way to finance your project, adoria@mtgarc.ca or 647-201-0167.