Ho Ho Ho?

Has the upcoming holiday season got you stressed?

  • If you are already juggling credit cards barely making a dent with minimum monthly payments, give personalized gifts from the heart rather than picking up something at the last minute for top dollar.
  • Bake a batch of traditional Christmas cookies or cakes.
  • Put the artist in you to work on a unique holiday wreath for a fraction of the price you will pay for a standard-issue department store rendition.
  • Pick up little baskets at your local craft supply store.  Fill them with jams and jellies, biscuits, teas and coffees, or soaps and hand-towels.
  • Knit a scarf or mittens for the little ones on your list.

Your credit card statements will hit your mail box with a thud soon enough.  If this advice is too little and too late, and a glue gun is not your idea of fun, let Defined Mortgage Services analyze your finances.  The equity in your home may be the answer to consolidating your debt into one manageable monthly payment.

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