A growing number of Canadians have received calls from individuals posing as CRA agents demanding payment. According to the Globe and Mail newspaper, over 40,000 people in Canada received fake calls from fraudsters. I was the recipient of more than one of these calls. The caller was daring enough to leave a message.

Since January of 2014, over 1,900 Canadians have been duped by con men posing as CRA agents. This is totally unacceptable.

But WHAT IF this is the reality of your situation?  WHAT IF you owe CRA and you are receiving harassing calls from collectors on an almost-daily basis threatening to garnish your pay or lien your home?

Defined Mortgage Services Inc can tap into the equity in your home to eliminate this nightmarish scenario and resolve this stressful situation.  We have a number of alternate and/or private lenders ready and willing to lend you money to resolve your problem.


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