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Our mission at Defined Mortgage Services Inc. is to use our experience and contacts in the financial industry to source mortgage financing to meet your needs and objectives.

We specialize in financing for self-employed applicants, applicants with past or current credit challenges, applicants who want to re-establish credit after bankruptcy or consumer proposal and Debt Consolidation

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Has your lender offered you the going rate to renew?  Have they taken the time to discuss your current needs and wants? Do you need to renovate, pay for your child’s education or want to take a well-deserved vacation?  Consult with Defined Mortgage Services to plan and execute a strategy that works for you.


Whether you are buying your first home, upgrading or downsizing, trust Defined Mortgage Services to determine the best mortgage product, term and rate applicable to your personal circumstances.  Call us for an initial consultation when considering a purchase and provide purchase agreement and listing when you enter into an agreement to purchase and we will do the rest.

Debt Consolidation

Have circumstances gotten in the way of your financial wellbeing?  Are you on the never-never plan meeting minimum monthly payments?  Tossing and turning at night due to credit card debt, personal income tax or property tax arrears?  Trust Defined Mortgage Services to consolidate debt into one manageable monthly payment.

Our Latest Articles

Spring Renovating Tips

Spring is the season to renovate.  Here are a few ideas to add to the appeal of your property and make your time at home more enjoyable: Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel  A re-paint of the cabinets and fresh coat of paint on the walls will get you the best bang for your...

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Happy New Year! We normally equate the New Year to resolutions. Make 2018 memorable by implementing one, some or all of the following resolutions to achieve financial well-being. PAY CREDIT CARDS OFF MONTHLY Credit card companies will never make a cent off of me. You...

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Winter is just around the Corner

Winter is just around the corner. Here are some helpful tips to protect your home, minimize your heating bills and make your winter more pleasurable: A visual inspection of your roof can identify lose or missing shingles and damaged flashing. Spending a...

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Are You Stressed by OSFI’s ‘Stress Test’ Yet?

Effective January, 2018, the qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages, (20%+ down payment), will be the greater of the five-year benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada, (4.89% today), or the contractual mortgage rate + 2%. In plain English, IF the 5...

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Valuable Tips about how to Pay off your Mortgage Faster

When shopping for a mortgage, the lowest rate should not be your only concern. Pay attention to the three ‘P’s’: Prepayment privileges By how much can you pay down your mortgage annually without being penalized? Penalties What penalty will you pay to pay your mortgage...

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Buying a rental property? Consider this:

A rental property can be a lucrative investment. Before purchasing, however, do your homework by considering the following important factors: Realistic Rental Income Consult with real estate professionals to determine the ‘fair market rents’ applicable to your...

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